Exploring Julia


I decided to take a few hours today to learn some Julia. Julia is a fairly new language (2012) that has received a good deal of attention for its appeal to the scientific/data-science communities. A statement of motivation here.

Since my first two posts on C and Python implementations of linked lists, I’ve quickly taken note of the enormous time cost of thorough documentation of progress. For now, I’ll readjust to write less of all I learn/do and more on what’s notable. Also, I’ll keep a focus on the facts rather than introspection.

Spending some minutes reading about the language revealed some desirable properties:

  • strong and transparent type system appeals to tastes developed while journeying through Haskell
  • fairly clear syntax
  • f!() notation for those functions which mutate their arguments
  • type classification is a property of values, rather than variables
  • the existence of BioJulia, which might be something cool to contribute to in the future

I’ll add more notes here as I continue reading about the language.

Exploring Julia

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